Bird Sanctuary

This fifteen acre site, serving as the City of Yoakum's water treatment facility and located adjacent to US Highway 77-A Business just south of Yoakum, offers a treat for the nature lover. The habitat varies from open meadowland with large pecan trees to dense multi-layered woods along Brushy Creek.  A leisurely walk along a 3/10 mile marked trail should reveal native songbirds, woodpeckers, hawks and swallows. Some wading birds are often present along with neotropical migratory birds during spring and fall. Over 50 species of birds have been identified as well as many butterflies and wild flowers.


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Blackbird (Brewer's, Red Winged)
Bluebird ( Eastern)
Caracara (Crested)
Cardinal (Northern)
Chickadee (Carolina)
Chuck-Will's Widow Cowbird (Brown-headed)
Crow ( American)
Cuckoo (Yellow-billed)
Dove (Mourning,White-Winged, Inca)
Duck (Wood)
Egret (Cattle, Great, Snowy)
Falcon (Kestrel)
Finch (American gold)
Flycatcher (Scissor-tailed)
Grackle (Common Great tailed)
Hawk (Sharp-shinned, Red shouldered, Red tailed)
Heron (Little Blue, Great Blue)
Hummingbird (Ruby-throated)
Jay (Blue)

Kingfisher (Belted)
Martin (Purple)
Meadowlark (Eastern)
Mockingbird (Northern)
Nighthawk (Common)
Owl (Barred, Great Horned, Eastern Screech)
Roadrunner (Greater)
Robin (American)
Sapsucker (Yellow-bellied)
Shrike (Loggerhead)
Sparrow (Song, House, Chipping)
Starling ( European)
Thrush ( Wood)
Titmouse ( Tuned)
Vulture (Turkey, Black)
Warbler (
Yellow rumped)
(cedar) Woodcock ( American)
Woodpecker (red-bellied )
Wren (House, Carolina)


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