Carl & Mary Welhausen Library
810 Front Street
(361) 293-5001
Librarian, Lynn Mixon

The Library serves both DeWitt and Lavaca Counties with over 18,000 volumes of books, periodicals, videos and internet access. The library also offers a genealogy section to assist those weekend scavengers looking for clues to the past. It is a landmark that truly depicts the concerted efforts of the Yoakum citizens to preserve history and education for future generations.

Each Christmas, the library hosts a holiday display for all to enjoy.

Resource Center

Computers - With 10 internet-ready computer for public use, there is virtually nowhere in the world you can't visit from your comfortable seat in the Welhausen Library. Finding books and videos with the library is made simple with a computer-based cataloguing system. Just click on the Cataloging icon and search by author, title or subject.

Genealogy - One computer is dedicated to genealogy. The online resources and a Family Tree Maker Program allows you to build your own family tree, research passenger logs from early voyages to the Americas and save all of your family information to your own 3 1/2" floppy disk - right there in the library.

Special Collections

  • Yoakum City Birth Records 1910 - 1948
  • Yoakum City Death Records 1910- 1948
  • Yoakum Herald, Death Records Index 1898 - 1942
  • Yoakum Herald Highlights
  • Beck-Buffington Funeral Home Info 1910 - 1973
  • Obituaries 1898 - present


  • Yoakum Newspapers 1898 - 1932 (partial)
  • Yoakum Newspapers 1933 - 2000 (in progress)
  • Census
  • DeWitt & Lavaca Counties 1850 - 1930
  • (Texas Indexes 1850 - 1880)
  • Surrounding Counties 1850 - 1920
  • Hope Methodist Church & Sunday School
  • Applications and First Families thru #4700


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