Pershing Square

The community of Yoakum prides itself on being progressive in thought as it retains a strong vision of history and tradition. Out of this commitment came the Pershing Square Revitalization Project. As the brainchild of community leaders, this project reflects the vision of the citizens of Yoakum to bring a new life to Yoakum’s historic downtown district.

Designed by students from Texas A&M University, the project is named after General Pershing. It brings together business owners and the community as they construct a destination location for fine shopping and dining that features beautiful landscaping and historic buildings. Shoppers and visitors can stroll down the beautifully brick-lined streets and relax on benches under the swaying branches of large, inviting trees.

Community events that revolve around the square include annual festivals such as Land of Leather Days and The Tom Tom Festival.

Already a cornerstone of Yoakum activity, Pershing Square has held true to its promise to be a dream come true for this forward-thinking community as this project has revitalized the downtown area and made it truely the center of the community!


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