Wildflower Trails

Say hello to spring in the Yoakum area. From March to May, there are highways and by ways in which to enjoy the beautiful wildflowers of this area. They include native bluebonnets, Indian blankets, primroses, buttercups, hollyhocks and so many more. One such route includes a segment of Highway 77-A from Yoakum to Cuero that has been awarded the "Citation of Merit" from the White House for highway beauty. DeWitt County was named the Wildflower Capital of Texas by the state legislature in 1999.

Fields are splashed with an abundance of color, as if Mother Nature were painting her landscape like a canvas. Wildflowers are along the roads that connect the small communities in the area. They are on private and public lands and in front of homes and businesses.

Former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, promoted a beautification campaign in the 1960s. The Texas Highway Department seeded many roadsides during her time as First Lady. The wildflowers in the Yoakum area have survived, thrived, and multiplied for decades.

Remember to bring your camera to record postcard beautiful scenes. Take your time to smell and touch the beauty of our wildflowers.


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